Apple: iOS 7 adoption, the $350 iWatch, MacBook Air predictions, and Jony Ive

Users flocking to iOS 7, teenagers ready to spend $350 on an iWatch, US market share continues to rise, paperwork from the patent case, product predictions, Lightroom Mobile, Sir Jony Ive’s collection of workers, and Facebook is pushing their Messenger app. Apple Loop is here to remind you of a few of the very many things that happened around Apple over the last seven days.

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Solar Impulse unveils Fuel-Free Plane for round-the-world flight

The Swiss team that flew a solar-powered airplane across America has unveiled the even bigger plane that they plan to take around the world a year from now. Bertrand Piccard, the president and co-pilot of the Solar Impulse venture, said “It’s the most incredible airplane of its time,” to VIPs who gathered at Switzerland’s Payerne Air Field on Wednesday for the first public look at the 236-foot-wide (72-meter-wide) aircraft. The Solar Impulse 2 craft is festooned with solar cells that power the electric motors without a drop of fuel. But this time around, the plane’s wingspan is more than 25 feet wider and capable of going up to 87 mph.

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