Collection of genuine sites to download free Hindi songs

Recently, I was searching for Free Hindi MP3 songs which could be downloaded on the web through google and I was not surprised to find a huge number of links which surfaced. However, only after visiting the website concerned did I realize that many of them are providing next to nothing in their website- ‘All that glitters is not gold ‘ after all!

Hindi Mp3 Downloads
Hindi Mp3 Downloads

Irritating it is when you want something and all you get is crap apart from your stuff, a measure of which could be seen from the fact that only a handful of links lead you to the required result from the first 20 pages of Google search results!

Clicking on the pages, I tried to figure out sites where you could download Hindi songs from latest movies as well as some old numbers for free. You won’t need to take the trouble of downloading any software from the website as many sites do although you may have to register at few sites such as The registration at Cooltoad is free and it is worth the effort for you not only get hindi songs but an entire gamut of pop, ghazals and other stuff.

So, Njoy downloading and do contribute to the list in case you come across more sites for downloads..