– for those who love to travel by the train!

Stop waiting and start predicting your chances of confirming a train ticket at

This one’s for all those who love traveling by the train but have been disappointed by the waiting list each time. Now the wait is over!

Thanks to a frequent traveler – Sripad Vaidya! He teamed up with Dinesh Kumar, a friend of his to make this revolutionary change. The duo who met at IBM after their graduation did extensive research and are finally able to predict ticket confirmation chances to travel by the train. Their logic behind their prediction depended on day of travel (Holiday / Weekend / Weekday), Quota and other such things that increase or decrease chances of confirmation. The work was well coordinated by the two friends. While Sripad handled the analytics, Dinesh took care of the technical requirements of their job.

Two years of sheer hard work and dedication of the boys brought into existence on the 5th of July 2014. So now if you want to travel by the train any day visit this wonderful site or app to make booking tickets an easy task.
Happy Journey!!!!