CSS or Tables – still confused?

Looks like the confusion is still on! Whether to to use CSS or Tables?

Being an HTML and CSS developer as you all aware that in some situations you can’t avoid Tables mainly in the case of data grids, complicated forms etc.

Give UP and Use Tables
Give UP and Use Tables

Though we have a very good replacement of tables with CSS and dynamic layers which is very light in KB’s compared to the tables which always keeps a heavy pressure on page to load, we some times tend to use Tables to avoid Browser compatibility issues, to save time, etc.

If you’re wasting time fighting with CSS and you all know we are, they have got a small tool to judge the same. Download the Give Up and Use Tables timer. And I am sure you will take more time to build a layout or interface with CSS than building the layout using Tables, am I right folks?

The team at Give Up and Use Tables has come up to prove scientifically that the maximum amount of time that you/we should need to make a layout work in CSS: it’s 47 minutes. And they say “Take three minutes to build a table. And ten minutes to get a donut. Bill the client for an hour. Done.”

But as far as my opinion is concerned I prefer CSS, and I am sure there will be some more options in near future to build more powerful data grids with CSS.

So CSS or Tables?