Dream carefully!…

Dreams..for some could mean a castle in the clouds while for some others it could mean a nebulae of clouds gone adrift! Dreams mean different things to different people, for some it is hope and optimism while for others it could imply finishing last in a marathon race!


All of us like to dream dreams which are saccharine and full of life. But many a times they turn out to be like those clouds which for a moment look within our grasp and the next moment seem far away. Yes, some dreams are meant to fail, some hopes are meant to be grounded.

water bubble.jpgJust imagine if everybody in this world got everything they dreamed then it would be a great world bereft of worries and disappointment. Unfortunately it does not happen like that and only few dreams become reality. Disappointment at the failure of a dream keeps the faith alive in this five letter word- DREAM!

Some dreams are like a fresh pitcher prepared out of clay. When the liquid of expectations fills this pitcher, it invariably breaks. It won’t be wrong to say that some dreams are meant to be lived while some others are meant to be forgotten. Many a times we follow dreams with lot of hope but end up with failure. Well it is hard to digest this failure given the effort which we put in its pursuit but we should understand that few dreams are like grains of sand; no matter how hard we try we fail to hold the grains in our palms.
A few dreams look good in the eyes of the people who see and realise them. While for the others they tend to vaporise or melt and flow in the form of warm tears. Some live a dream and die with it! While others live with numerous dreams in their lifetime so the failure of one particular dream does not deter them from dreaming. A classic example in this regard is
Albert Einstein.

clouds over Pilgrim Beach.jpg
Dream my friends.. but be aware that there might not be light at the end of every tunnel of dream.