Finding a Car Service in New York is easy with GroundLink’s iPhone App

Having an iPhone is like having the whole world on your palm! We have seen that an iPhone gives us an opportunity to perform a wide range of tasks starting from chatting with friends, using facebook, playing games, listening to music and many such things. Now another application has joined this list to make life more simpler in this modern world.

GroundLink makes it easy to find a Car Service in New York with their iPhone App
GroundLink makes it easy to find a Car Service in New York with their iPhone App

The much appreciated iphone now comes with an application called Groundlink and allows people to find the green car service in the closest distance. This saves one from taking the trouble of waiting on the streets for a car, not knowing where to go to find one.

With the Groundlink App on your iphone you can easily book a car well in advance with a slight touch. Here, you can be sure that the car you have booked is reaching you by using the facility provided by Groundlink that allows you to locate the car on your map. This wonderful application also helps you find out the cost of a trip in the car before you begin your journey so you don’t have to panic after you reach your destination! You may mark the destination on your map or let the driver know when he comes at the pickup point. This is something you will not find in the other applications that have just entered this area of activity. When was life so simple? Groundlink is presently at work with many companies in New York. The list includes the names of companies like LimoRes and Velocity.

The amazing applications of Groundlink are already popular in more than 15000 cities where people have appreciated the benefit provided by Groundlink and make use of it on a regular basis. The easy access to ground link has made it more popular among people. To get Groundlink on your iPhone all you need to do is log on to its official website [] and click download. All thanks to the creators of Groundlink who have made car finding such a simple task and helped us save a lot of the valuable time of our lives in which every second counts!