Four Satellite Channel has been Launched, STV Entertainment

STV Entertainment

Recently STV Entertainment has launched five channels in Capital. STV Entertainment was launched in January 2002 Punjab Today is the only reginal channel to achieve nearly 100 % penetration in Urban as well as Rural areas across Punjab, Haryana, J&K and Himachal Pradesh right down to the smallest tehsils and towns. The channels have already been explored as an effective media potion by a number of national and regional advertisers, making Punjab Today one of the biggest success stories in recent media history.

This show was host by Shifali Talwar. Chief Guest was Mr. Priyaranjan Dasmunshi (Hon’ble Minister of Information and Broadcasting of Govt. of India), Mr. Virbhadra Singh (Chief Ministrer of Himachal Pradesh), Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda (Chief Minister of Haryana), Actor-Politician Vinod Khanna, Railway Minister Laloo Prasad Yadav, Dr. Farooq Abdullah, Sanchaita Gajpati Raju daughter of Uma Gajpati Raju with Husband Ramesh Sharma. Mr. Navin Jindal, Mr. Prakah Jawekar.

STV Entertainment Party 2

Inauguration was started and then Haryana Chief Minister Mr. Bhupinder Singh Hooda has launched Haryana Channel, Mr. Virbhadra Singh (Chief Ministrer of Himachal Pradesh) has launched Himachal Pradesh Channel, Goa Channel was launched by Goa M.P.

Mr. Priyaranjan Dasmunshi (Hon’ble Minister of Information and Broadcasting of Govt. of India) said in his statement that a news channel should be based on industrial, agricultural, financial, sports, special current affairs shows etc. there should not be a tarot or jyotish shows.

Punjab Today comes from the house of STV Enterprises Ltd. Mr.J.K.Jain, Chairman and Managing Director, STV, is the brain behind the channel. This channel was the first in the series of regional channels. “Ultimate aim”, says Mr. Jain, is to reach every Punjabi household. USP being “lokan dian khabran lokan tak”.

Nearly 80% of the coverage in Punjab Today comes from the state itself. Other priority areas are the northern, national and international stories of importance. Delhi also figures prominently in the scheme of things with it having a very large Punjabi population. After such grand success of Punjab Today, there was uproar for exclusive slots for Haryana News & Himachal News. To carry the flag further Mr.J.K.Jain, who by experience realized the future of Regional Channels launched Haryana News, Goa News & UP News – all 24 Hrs. satellite News Channels.

J & K News & Himachal News would features exclusive bulletins on Punjab Today for eight hours each before they are converted in full fledged channels.

Mr.J.K.Jain said in the time between now till end of 2008, it is planned to launch a National News Channels & Bollywood News Channel beside Bihar-Jharkhand, MP-Chattisgarh, 24 hours News Channels reaching at the end a target of total 33 channels.

Here are few STV Entertainment Channels Inaugration Party pictures:

STV Entertainment Party 1

STV Entertainment Party 3