Hosting an external sub domain or domain in godaddy’s host account!

Thought to share my personal experience on how to link or host an external subdomain (sub domain from different hosting provider) in godaddy’s host account. As this is a useful recourse for web masters or developers.

ok, let me explain you in detail, here is how it goes…..

What you need to have to be prepared with before you start…..

1. You need to have a domain (ex: hosted in any other hosting provider other than

2. You need to have a hosting account at

If you meet the above criteria – you can check the details on how to host an external sub domain in godaddy hosting!

1. Login to your

2. Click on Hosting Account List

3. Choose your Hosting Account and open the control panel related to the host account in which you want to have your external subdomain to be hosted.

4. Under Control Panel and in Settings click on Domain Management

5. Now you see a section called “Assign Domain to Hosting Site”

Make the entries in the following fields:
Domain – enter external subdomain or domain you want to host with godaddy and
Domain Hosting Path – instead of having a direct root path better give specific folder name related to that domain

6. Then click on Add Domain

That’s it !!

Now you have successfully added external subdomain or domain to your godaddy hosting account and your external sub domain or domain is now listed in domain management showing “Pending Setup” as status.

Just wait for couple of minutes and you are ready with the setup.

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After that you have to go the external hosting service provider control panel where you have your domain or sub domain, you have to change the DNS settings in their domain or sub domain control panel.

In DNS settings section you will find what Type (MX) record you want to change, just choose Type as “A” and give the value/ip as IP which is linked to your existing hosting account at – that IP you can find in godaddy’s DNS Control Panel.

After you are done with all the changes/modifications mentioned above, just wait for the DNS changes to be reflected as it may take 12 to 24hrs – depends.

That’s it once the DNS is changes are reflected – then your domain or sub domain is ready and is hosted in godaddy’s account 🙂

Cheers! – found this article useful? then why not spread this to all your fellow web masters or developers.