Introducing 12 years life Everlight LED Bulbs

If one seeks to get brighter bulbs immediately thoughts about spiraling costs from electricity bills surface which is indeed a cause for concern isn’t it? ! Just imagine, if you could get both bright illumination, long lasting bulbs at the same electricity bill.

This has been proved true by a new LED bulb – “Everlight” which combines all the three at fantastic costs!

Everlight LED Bulbs
Everlight LED Bulbs

EverLight LED Bulbs are not like ordinary lights such as incandescent/CFLs. The LED light bulbs produces the same amount of light per watt as Compact Florescent Light (CFL). The light emitted from the LED Bulbs is directional in nature i.e. (in one direction), so it can focus light exactly where you need.

One of the unique aspect of these LED light bulbs is that they are so energy efficient that they will actually pay for themselves in just over a year or two. Cool isn’t it?

Everlight Disco LED Bulbs
Everlight Disco LED Bulbs

Amazing to note about this product is its life time. The LED light bulbs lasts long upto 60,000 working hours that averages out to 12 hours of light per day for roughly 12 years!!

LED light bulbs are cool when in use so they are safer to use than fragile, burning hot halogen and incandescent bulbs. LED light bulbs do not use mercury like CFLs – so, you can forget all the disposal concerns!

Everlight LED Bulbs DC-6V
Everlight LED Bulbs DC-6V

One of the unique features of Everlight is that unlike ordinary lights it produces a cool white light which makes home and work place pleasant.

Best of all, when you use LED light bulbs you are instantly saving money on your electricity. So now you can bid adieu to long electricity bills which pinch you every month!

Some of the benefits of Everlight bulb are as follows:

  1. Saves Electricity
  2. Restricts global warming
  3. Only 1/10 capacity of incandescent/CFLs
  4. Long life, upto 60,000 working hours
  5. Produces little heat compared to incandescent/CFLs
  6. Instant ON/OFF
  7. Works in any weather
  8. No wasted light, it generates directional light
  9. No fragile filaments, breaks with shaking and rattling
  10. The cost of LED light bulb will be more than the incandescent but lesser than CFLs. The break even will reach with in 2years in the form of saving energy
  11. You get the bonus of long life and energy,efficiency which all adds upto a 90% saving over standard bulbs
  12. You can use LED light bulbs in cieling cans, porch light, outdoor lighting, Art lighting, Night light, Bed lamp and reading light
  13. LED light bulbs are efficient that depending on how often you have them ON, they will pay for themselves in just over a year

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