Maruti SX4 is the new signature of Indian Government Officials!

So much of modernization all over the country made the government decide to be on par with the rest of the things in India. Very soon we will see the police traveling in the Maruti Suzuki SX4 instead of an Ambassador. Now all the people in our government too will flaunt the possession of an SX4. Won’t that be a great sight to watch?

Maruti SX4 is now the new vehicle of the Indian Government!
Maruti SX4 is now the new vehicle of the Indian Government!

It is very recent decision of the Delhi Police to replace to replace the Ambassador with the posh SX4. The fuel efficiency of this vehicle is on of the main reasons for it being their choice.

The government has shown a lot of concern over the fuel lately and has appreciated the Maruti SX4 by choosing it as a replacement to the Ambassador. The good news is that the process of buying the SX4 has already started and after a long appeal the Ministry for Home Affairs has accepted it.

The Commissioner Mr PK Gupta has the privilege of being the first one to get a brand new SX4 in place of his old Ambassador. As stated earlier the SX4 was chosen for its fuel efficiency also keeping in mind the maintenance cost, comfort and speed it provides to its users. This car is also equipped with a fuel efficient yet powerful engine. With so many benefits, a muscular look and lavish interiors we can say that the police have got themselves one of the best cars available in the market. The SX4 car delivered to the Commissioner and the ones that will be used by the department are being provided with special security features like a radio tag. This is the only difference in the SX4s provided to the government and the regular ones.

While this goes on some of the senior police officers in the department are of the opinion that this replacement will alter the way the general public perceives police vehicles and will probably elevate their status to the next level as well. Imagine how it will be each time a row of posh SX4s come and the traffic stops. It feels like a scene from an English movie to me!

Can’t wait to watch this turn into a reality!