MochaUI, future User Interface Library

As I am in process of exploring the ways to build a dynamic, more interactive, flexible and custom made CMS project. I came across a cool web application user interface library called MochaUI, sounds interesting to me in the first shot – when the demo interface is loaded I thought it is Adobe Flex based application but found its a JavaScript based user interface.

MochaUI - A Web Application User Interface Library
MochaUI - A Web Application User Interface Library

I am stunned that so many great and dynamic looking interfaces can be done with JavaScript, DHTML & CSS, MochaUI was built on Mootools Javascript framework and ExplorerCanvas to develop quick Web Applications, Web Desktops, Web Sites, Widgets, Standalone Windows, Modal Dialogs and more.

Checkout their cool demo.

And their main features include:

  • Horizontally and vertically fluid layout module with columns and panels with toolbars.
  • Panel content can be loaded with innerHTML, XHR, or an iFrame.
  • The windows and their drop shadows are drawn with the canvas element.
  • Windows are resizable in 8 directions.
  • Dynamically create new windows on demand and load their content with innerHTML, XHR, or an iFrame.

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Leave your opinion, do you thinkk this will be our feature User Interface Library?