Mozilla Firefox calendars for 2010

I am a big fan of Mozilla Firefox and there are millions fans out there. I would love to support Firefox browser and spread, I always requests people to browse my site only in Firefox as it renders beautiful compared to the other browsers.

Just came across this cool Mozilla Firefox Calendars for the year 2010, so just thought to share the same with you all.

This is just to keep Firefox on sight at all times even when your computer is turned off, here are the 2010 calendars for you to print, hang, and share with your friends, family, and colleagues.

Mozilla Firefox 2010 Calendars
Mozilla Firefox 2010 Calendars

This way you could spread the goodness or importance of the browser, and to show them how much you love Firefox. There’s some projects logos displayed for each month, can you identify them? or can your relatives or friends?

Red versions: Letter sizeA4 sizeA4 en español

Blue versions: Letter sizeA4 sizeA4 en español

Source file (.docx) Note that the Meta Bold font for the Firefox logo is not free, but you can use fairly high resolution logos and wordmarks from Mozilla.

Via: Mozilla Links