Planet disaster..

The movie ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ gave its audience an impression of the impending disaster and doom awaiting makind.If we see the present state of affairs, we could say that we are heading in the same direction.
Numerous incidents and events bear a testimony to this. The recent floods in Barmer, the desert state of Rajasthan, India reveals a shift in the climatic patterns. Such a development is new, given Rajasthan’s past which seldom witnessed rains of such enormity. Even the deluge in Mumbai in the past two years has raised an eye brow or two. The city although received heavy rains but never of this degree which paralysed the lives as well as the administration of the state.
A recent report suggests the decay and rapid afforestation in the Amazon forest has reached a critical point. The issue needs to addressed in its utmost severity for the critical point of balance has been reached. Anymore damage would not only cost the South American continent but the entire world. The forests are the ‘lungs of the world’ and immediate attention needs to be drawn to this.

The climatic changes happening are not events that occur in isolation. Green house emission in China or US could have an impact on the the weather consditions of India or some other country.

Every imbalance caused in the nature has its repercussion in some part of the world and the ultimate loser is mankind and its denizens.

Numerous articles have been written and have become obscure. Its time to act now. Plant a tree, reduce petrol and other fuel consumption. Its upto us to do something..

What do you say..?