The Dark Knight Rises on the 20th of July!

The new trailers of the movie “The Dark Knight Rises” is doing the rounds on the internet is becoming immensely popular by the day. After the previous movie of Batman the expectations for this one are touching the sky. It has become so popular that no one wants to give a miss to any trailer that is released on the internet. The most popular trailer shows Bane [Tom Hardy], Catwoman [Anne Hathaway] and Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing the role of John Blake in the movie.

20th July is when The Dark Knight Rises!
20th July is when The Dark Knight Rises!

The Dark Knight Rises – Official Trailer [HD]:

It is always nice to watch the trailer and experience the thrill but I’m going to spoil your thrill by quoting a few lines spoken by the characters in the trailer. What’s interesting is the Catwoman’s line, “My mother warned me about getting into cars with strange men,” to which Batman replies, “This isn’t a car.” Catwoman also points out Batman’s sacrifice to the city: “You’ve given them everything.” Batman, out of breath and obviously in pain quietly answers, “Not everything. Not yet.” Interesting, isn’t it? But to know what happens next, you have no choice other than waiting for 20th of July when the movie releases.

Source: ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Viral Campaign Premieres New Trailer