Traffic worries & IT in Hyderabad – two sides to a coin

IT is a boon and a bane, true indeed!

IT has ushered change in a big way but also it has brought along with it a Pandora’s box of miseries. Tall swanky towers are nice to see but one cannot ignore the mess that comes along with these eye-catching structures. The primary cause of concern as far as a place like Hyderabad’s Hi-tech city is concerned pertains to traffic.

Hi-Tech City Traffic
Hi-Tech City Traffic

IT boom has raised the income levels of people, which in turn has increased their spending power. This has also lead to a boom in the number of vehicles in the city. Another reason for the increase in vehicles has also been the nature of this industry, which has brought a large chunk of people from different parts of the country to the city. The outcome of this development is traffic worries and snarls at various junctions in the city like Panjagutta, hit-tech city and others.

Also erosion with regard to observance of traffic rules is also being witnessed with increase in number of vehicles. People sometimes overtake from left just to save a couple of minutes but in the process risk their life as well as that of others on the road.

IT has endowed lot of positives on the city dwellers such as malls, greater appetite for spending and others. The positives out of it need to stay in mind and people should try that it does not get overshadowed by worrying thoughts of traffic snags which leave a bitter feeling in the mind.

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