Want your site to be featured on Google News Home page?

You have got a daily updated blog with the latest happenings, news, movie reviews, Sports etc.?

Worried why your original articles are not well recognized?

Thinking why your articles are not top on Google Search?

Your articles have more original images? and looking to get it featured on Google Image Search or in Image Version of Google News?

Google News Submission
Google News Submission

The same thing goes on in my mind, everyone want their site to be recognized well – I am one among everyone :). I check Google News daily (News.Google.com) and some time I saw some blogs are featured in the Google News Homepage, I wonder how they get it featured there.

So started searching for the article submission to be featured in Google News, and found some interesting information which I thought to share with you all.

For the people who don’t want to waste their time – here is the direct link for “Suggest news content for Google News“, follow the instructions in the form and Good Luck.

One of my Favorite Blog is listed in News – TechCrunch.com and Google is even giving importance to Authors, you can even search Author based Articles – like here are the articles from Mg Siegler (the author from techcrunch.com)

Follow this “Submitting Your Content: Individual articles” for having the your site get featured in the same way as techcrunch.com

If your have got different type of content like Web Articles, Pages, Local Business, Media or any Items to Sale, you can check this “Grow your audience – reach more users” page to know more.

Know more about Submitting your deviant stuff at “Submitting Your Content – News (publishers) Help“.

Before submitting make sure you follow this “Creating a News Sitemap” help.

Follow this page for “Submitting video and other multimedia content“.

Follow this for submitting “Press Releases Submission“.

Follow this important instructions for featuring your images in Google Image Version of News.

And here is some good information about “How to get your website listed in Google News

Good Luck Folks!