5 Social Media Practices to Boost SEO

Social Media Marketing Strategies for SEO

SEO is such a phenomenon field of exploration for online activities, not only for businesses but now for individuals who want to become renowned personal brands online. There are a couple of insights that have been tested and tried, if you check here, you will realize that this is an amazing approach to SEO, but there is so much more you can do for your SEO to achieve even better results.

Social media has not been left behind. In fact, social media marketing and SEO are not intertwined so that there is an underlying interdependence on each other. To find out more on how to manage your social media and SEO for your brand, or better still, read on for

5 social media practices to boost your SEO:

Strategic keyword use

Your keyword research is not only resourceful for your website optimization, but also for social media. Ensure that your social media profiles are taking advantage of your primary keywords. Additionally, create social media posts that are optimized for keywords.

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Find keywords that are popular on social media at a particular time, but appropriately relevant to your brand, then use them to etch your content strategically for those words.

Every once in a while generate hashtags, some broader in perspective to accommodate a diversity of ideas, and others very specific to capture your brand essence, even your business name if need be.

Consider the popular keywords on the specific social media platforms, but also on search engines. You can rely on popular SEO tools like Google Trends and Google AdWords Keyword Planner.

Build on linkless backlinks

Social media is such a prime spot for linkless backlinks. Linkless backlinks are a sum-up of all the mentions and conversations online in reference to your brand.

Every conversation you hold on social media as regards your brand is an opportunity for backlinks. Come up with content ideas that will make your business the focal point of conversations by capitalizing on primary keywords.

The more you become a conversation on social media, the more linkless backlinks you gather, and the more value you add to your SEO.

Audience engagement

As the name suggests, social media is a social platform that allows for relationship building and growing networks. Focus on interacting with your audiences more than pushing your promotional messages on them.

Sharing audience-generated content – Pick out content that is relevant to your course as a brand and does not threaten your reputation. Be sure to credit people’s content for the same reason. Alternatively, you can share their posts by retweeting, liking and quoting. This hints to the audience that you have trust in them, which also secures their trust in your brand.

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Respond to feedback – be aggressive in responding to people’s comments and reviews of your content, as this is a great way to understand what your audience really wants. Avoid automated responses as much as you can, especially on matters that are sensitive and could cost you your reputation.

Create online activities – you can determine to hold open competitions for all social media users or organize for giveaways for your most loyal followers. This is an avenue to attract more followers and draw attention to your brand even from your competitors.

Consistently share high-quality content

Content is key for SEO process as it provides value exchange for the amount of time your target audience spends on your platform. While on social media, be sure to have a clearly planned strategy to guide your activity on matters to content sharing.

Determine a posting frequency convenient for the amount of content you generate, but sensitive to the audience needs. This lets you post content at the times that your audience is most likely to be online.

To achieve high-quality content, play around with the formats of content you embrace to allow for image, videos and texts types of content. Pick out topics that are interesting and relevant to the trends within your industry, but structure them to befit the different channels. While image-based content can do well across different platforms, text-based content does not have an audience on Pinterest or Snapchat for instance.

Grow your social media following

While a huge following does not always guarantee you organic traffic flow in your site, it is an excellent way to create a big audience base for your content.

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For your posts to gather traction on social media, your following will determine your audience reach, and the higher the audience reach, the higher the conversion rates for your site.

Make as many followers as possible by constantly sharing great content but also engaging in other people’s conversations on their timelines. The more following you attract on social media, the stronger your brand’s authority on search engines. Growing a big following on social media will depend on the type of content you create and the level of engagement you have with your audience, all of which are social media best practices for SEO.

Social media can be overwhelming if an operation strategy is not developed, especially for new brands. With these 5 practices, you can be rest assures that your SEO is taken care of so you can get working on other aspects of your business.

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