5 Tips for Better Time Management

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Time management is an important tool that we need to keep in mind for being successful in any field of life. Without time management no one can be successful in any area of life whether we talk about our day to day chores or the professional life. Taking care of the time and being punctual is very vital for living a fruitful life. Below are the few tips that I would like to define for the better time management.

The first tip is to work smarter not harder; working smart can save a lot of your time rather than working hard. Consider the example there are different chores that you need to do every day like bring groceries and dropping laundry at the laundry shop, while returning from your work place you can do theses chores.

The second tip I would like to mention here is creating a day plan ahead of the day, creating a plan before can help you organise better. For example at night plan all the chores that you need to do on the day ahead and plan them accordingly. Keep a small diary or maintain notes in the mobile would be very useful in this case.

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The third tip I would like to include here is to setting up the priorities. It’s a very important tip and can reduce your burden to the maximum level. Say up a day’s task and schedule the remaining work for the next day. Here I would like to quote that I am not against the fact “Never leaves today’s work to tomorrow”, but this is true that everything cannot be done in a single day when it comes to performing task accurately.

The fourth tip I would like to include here is Eliminate Distractions, these days there are distractions everywhere. Consider a very simple example (Facebook), we all are soon keen to use face book that every now and then we are using our mobile phones and checking our Facebook accounts. This is a source of distraction when you are planning for an important task coming ahead in your office. We all need to avoid this, staying focused and reduce the half of our burden and will help to complete the task on time.

The fifth tip is most interesting and is very helpful use a stimulator; say for example there are some people who work well when they listen to music. On the other hand there are some people who are more efficient when they work with the windows open these are the kind of people who are more close to nature. There are different stimulating techniques for different people.

Find out your stimulating technique and go as per that. If music helps focuses more listen to the music while making some important notes or while driving back to home. If nature helps you focus more sit in a garden and plan your agendas there.

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This informative piece of content is written by Dave Jones. He is the manager in the company called Live Tecs. This company provides high quality time tracking software, expense tracking software, and online timesheet.

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