50+ Out of the Box sites for diverse inspiration

Monotony can be killing, true isn’t it?

There are times when one gets bored of blogging and staying updated with news in Information technology, software and other related fields. And more than once a time comes when you feel like taking a break from the usual work and venture or do something different. That is what this post is all about. I took some time off from IT and tried to lay my hands on creative sites and interesting information pertaining to different fields such as Interior Designing, Exterior Designing, Furniture’s, Architecture, Gadgets, Science and others.

Here are my huge collection of top sites categorized as “Out of the Box” in my Google Reader.

THE out of the box LIST COMES HERE:

01. + MOOD

02. 3rings

03. A Daily Dose of Architecture

04. AMNP

05. Arch Daily

06. Archinect.com

07. Asylum

08. Babylaunches.com


10. BlogtheCom


12. Coolest Gadgets

13. Daily Icon

14. Dark Roasted Blend

15. decor8

16. Design*Sponge


18. east coast Architecture review

19. Environmental Graffiti

20. Fareastgizmos.com

21. Fubiz™

22. Furniture Fashion

23. GearCrave | The Mens Buying Guide for Gadgets

24. Gizmodiva.com

25. Gizmodude.com

26. GreenPacks.org

27. ikea hacker


29. Furniture Seen

30. lifeinaventicup

31. Luxurylaunches.com

32. Marketing Paradise

33. materialicious

34. Medlaunches.com

35. My Marrakesh

36. Nerd Approved – Gadgets and Gizmos

37. Newlaunches.com

38. PadStyle | Modern Furniture Blog

39. PCLaunches.com

40. Phonelaunches.com

41. Plataforma Arquitectura

42. Signalnoise.com

43. style saves the world

44. StyleCrave.com – Passionate about Style

45. sub-studio design blog

46. Unblogged

47. Walyou

48. WebEcoist

49. Wow Bathrooms – bathroom vanities, faucets, accessories, design and more

50. holytaco

51. Yanko Design

A Huge and exhaustive list right? – you can download the OMPL file and import it to your Google Reader and enjoy the endless surfing.

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