A ban on Bieber!

Justin Bieber has been in the news lately for quite a lot of drama. The young star has been banned from the Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving Facility because of bad manners!

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber

Beiber and friends had visited the Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving Facility on the 16th of June, and has been put on the facilities No Fly list—for life!. Reported by E!. The star who is just 19 years old came in as a group with six other people. And they arrived stylishly minutes before the closing, but got all the services from the facility. However the problem was the payment, Beiber was asked to either pay the $1,600 amount or post a pic of him flying with a favorable comment. Which he failed to do, so Beibs basically left without payment and breaking his word.

There are also confirmations on the singers security team not acting too well themselves. So basically Bierber, has fun, doesn’t pay and leaves without even tipping the flyers who helped him and his gang of friends. Not to mention the ill mannered security crew that was with him.

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Here’s the lesson; no matter how rich or talented you are, when you’re out in the world you have to maintain yourself in the boundaries of good etiquette.

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