Add Timepicker to jQuery UI Calendar or Datepicker

I am back again with one more cool and very useful jQuery plugin, it is jQuery UI Date and Time Picker. I am sure there are many front-end developers who might have either modified or created custom plugin to add Time Picker in their calendar after selecting a particular date.

Add Timepicker to jQuery UI Calendar or Datepicker
Add Timepicker to jQuery UI Calendar or Datepicker

Let me introduce to one cool jQuery Timepicker plugin by a web developer Trent Richardson

This tiny plugin jQuery Timepicker adds a timepicker which allows you to select specific time and is easily integrated in jQuery UI Calendar or Datepicker. Datepicker options are also available via Timepicker plugin. This Timepicker plugin is available with lots of Localization Options, Alt Field Options, Timezone Options, Time Field Options and more – apart from this you can even define custom time format output too.

I am sure you would love this Timepicker after seeing the examples at “Adding a Timepicker to jQuery UI Datepicker

And Tim, a web application developer had made the same jQuery UI Datetimepicker plugin to work by using Microsoft Ajax Content Delivery Network ( CDN), you can look at this live example.

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Hope you will enjoy customizing this Timepicker – so this states that you can have any control within jQuery UI calendar or datepicker as per your application needs.

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