Amazing Alex – Another entertaining game from the makers of Angry Birds!

Here comes another awesome game after the much loved Angry Birds. Rovio the developer of Angry Birds has recently announced the inauguration of this new game to be played on your PCs and mobiles which was revealed by CEO Mikael Hed. This new game will come into the market shortly after the popularity of Angry Birds which has high expectations from people.

Amazing Alex - Rovio
Amazing Alex - Rovio

Now let me reveal to you the name given to this wonderful game. It’s called “Amazing Alex” which is a physics puzzler based on “Casey’s Contraptions,” and is about a young boy who is passionate about building things. Rovio played safe by buying the game from the developers of Snappy Touch and Mystery Coconut and not creating it by themselves. As stated above the game was previously called Casey’s Contraptions and was renamed as Amazing Alex by Rovio.

The Angry Birds, the game which you will see as a default games in every mobile now has recently reached One Billion downloads and has high expectations on Amazing Alex too.

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What do you think will “Amazing Alex” breaks the record? Have you played this game earlier? If so why not share your thoughts about Casey’s Contraptions.

Source: Angry Birds maker to launch new title: Amazing Alex

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