Amazon to Assist Customers with E-Shopping; Launches Amazon Easy

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The rapid growth of the online shopping trend in the Indian market place has experienced unique advantages for both consumers and retailers. An Indian consumer’s need and purchasing behaviour have changed dramatically in the digitally active world. Consumer these days are more aware because of the increasing internet access and knows who is providing them the best services.

E-commerce portals have made self-treating more tempting with instant payment options and a wide range of products for consumers. From Pizza Hut’s online Pizza shop to Ebay, Flipkart, and Amazon took the concept of shopping to an entirely next level.

Also Amazon offers special discounts on variety of products when you shop using Amazon Coupons and this makes the platform more consumer oriented. Understanding the online buying behavior of consumers for the people behind the online portals is important as it will benefit them to bring a level of satisfaction to the consumers.

Growth of e-shopping

The growth in the e-commerce sector is also attributed by growing share of consumer to prefer to shop online. Users want to shop at round the clock facilities along with the offering of a wide range of products. As consumers went on a buying spree during the festival season of Diwali, Pongal, New Year, Christmas and Eid, the shopping portals gets a lot of traffic these days and there’s so much to offer that people need another hand to assist them.

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Perception towards online shopping is getting better in India with the use of internet, consumer can shop anywhere, anything and anytime (24*7) with easy and safe payment options. The young population is the biggest attraction of this industry and they may contribute substantially to the growth of online shopping in India.

What is Amazon Easy?

With the new advents in the tech field, a good and hassle-free experience of a consumer gives a high boom in the online business. Amazon Easy is India-specific venture where customers who are not comfortable in shopping online on their own can get assisted by trained shopkeepers.

The aim is to enable customers in smaller markets to get access to the convenience of online shopping and to help break down various transaction barriers for the first-timers and build trust, with a ease of internet access, languages and as well as digital payments, to embrace the shopping experience. Amazon Easy will play a crucial role in making the 100 million customers in India to enjoy the hassle-free and assisted shopping. It will be rolled out nationally across 14,000 outlets by mid-2019.

Why India needs Amazon Easy?

The people in India is still not aware of technologies and Amazon is taking an initiative to equip the offline stores with training materials that include skills like searching, browsing, and navigation on which will help consumers to set up Amazon accounts, check outs, payments, answering status and delivery queries, and refunds and returns.

Moreover, Amazon Easy would not only encourage more people to join the digital ecosystem but also to open up self-employment and other job opportunities for semi-skilled and partially-skilled people of India.

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Kishore Thota, director, Customer Experience & Marketing, Amazon India, said,

“Amazon Easy is going to be transformational as it uses technology and empowers local entrepreneurs to break down complexities and barriers for new-to-ecommerce shoppers using assisted shopping. As the programme scales and strengthens, we will look to add many more services under Amazon Easy to enhance the shopping experience for all customers.”

Kishore Thota

The behavior of consumer shoping online has no doubt, a very bright future in India. Amazon Easy will be an important development in the Indian market space which will benefit the Indian consumers as well as create job opportunities for the skilled people.

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