An app for those who want to show their Disney Side!

Disney Side in your life

Disney world is a world of imagination, a world of creativity and the dream world of every child. Now you are being given an opportunity to be a part of this world. Read on to find out how!

Your entry into your favorite Disney world is made possible through an App called Show Your Disney Side. This App has the power to transform you into your favorite Disney Park character. All you need to do is follow three simple steps – click a beautiful picture of yourself, tap and swipe. This will show you look as your favorite Disney Park character.

Don’t you want to know who created this amazing App for you? I’m sure you do. The creators call themselves TYFFON. It is an entertainment app developer and one of the participants of the 2014 Disney Accelerator. Transforming yourself into a Disney Park character is not the only thing you can do with this App. With Show Your Disney Side you can add special effects, click pictures, make videos and share it with friends and family.

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Not only this, you can unlock your favorite characters by sharing three of of your own creations on Facebook or Twitter. You also have an option to personalize your character by adding different frames and costumes to the picture. So what are you waiting for? Download the App now. Show Your Disney Side App is available for free the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPod touch at Because all of us have a Disney side in us!

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