Are Streaming Services Replacing Cable TV?

Can Internet Streaming Replace Cable TV?

Streaming TV services have an impact on the way that people gain access to information and entertainment.

In the past, the only way was to watch it on TV or record it for later. Now, it is possible to stream shows to a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Now the concern is that some people think that streaming services are replacing cable TV completely. In reality, both streaming services and cable TV are here to stay.

Cable TV’s main advantage is the fact that when you are at home, it is extremely convenient to be able to turn on the TV, use your remote control, and get access to all kinds of programming, including live TV shows. While streaming services can give you a wide selection of programming, no single service can come close to providing what even a basic cable TV package can offer a viewer in terms of constant, fresh content. Live programming is also more or less non-existent for most streaming services.

Many streaming services claim that they cost less than cable TV. Some do, but it depends what you get in return. Taken individually, this is almost universally true; however, most people would need to combine several streaming services in order to get close to the amount of programming you can get with a cable TV package.

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Cable TV often requires a TV set hooked into a cable box. In this instance, streaming services are more convenient since they can let you access your entire viewing library anywhere you can get the internet.

However, a Wi-Fi connection can only handle downloading so much at once from the internet, and streaming services take up a lot of bandwidth. Living in a house with just one or two other people who use similar services can create issues, unless you have high speed internet.

The same bandwidth issues are also prevalent when you try watching anything from a streaming service away for your home, or away from an area with Wi-Fi. If you are using a cell phone data package, you will eat through your monthly data allotment extremely quickly. For people who don’t notice this until it is too late, the overage fees can add up fast.

A popular option is to order one streaming service for when you are on the road, and for movies, while keeping your cable TV package. One streaming service shouldn’t cost more than $10-$15 a month and it can provide you with a lot of extra entertainment when you are away from your house. While you are at home, you can enjoy the convenience of cable TV and the live programming.

Streaming services are very popular, but they really will not be replacing cable TV anytime soon. Most consumers would be well served by getting the best of both worlds by subscribing to both cable TV and a streaming service.

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