Are you ready for Teewe 2? The Mango Man is!

Teewe - Streaming Media Player from India and for India

What is more exciting than a smart techno gizmo? When the techno gizmo is in India, by Indians before its old story! The Google Chromecast has been a rave in the USA for over a year now, and Indian company The Mango Man had introduced their own version for the Indian consumers called Teewe over 10 months ago. They moving forward and introducing Teewe 2 now! So shall we explore or shall we explore?

Let’s understand the dynamics of the original product for starters; Teewe is the flagship product of The Mango Man Electronics Private Ltd. The idea stems from the Google Chromecast and aims at satisfying both tech and net savvy consumers in India. Teewe is a small device that connects to your TVs HDMI port and lets you stream videos live. You simply have to download the iOS App or Android App or Windows App and play videos on your TV. With the rapid increase in on demand video streaming websites in India, it was only a natural step for the dynamic company to upgrade and introduce Teewe 2. The product was officially launched on May 19th 2015. The question is; what has changed?

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Teewe 2 - Streaming HDMI Dongle
Teewe 2 – Streaming HDMI Dongle

The Dongle is like a complete CPU with a Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 Processor with a Quad Core GPU for High Performance, 1.6+ GHz and 1GB of DDR 3 RAM. It will work with any television that has an HDMI port. The internet speed requirement is a Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n to stream interruption free. For an overview there have been 5 key upgrades in the Teewe 2. The dongle is now 30% smaller in size; this is an up in practicality. Charging the device is also easier now, as you do not require an extra cable charger as in the first version, you can use the TVs micro USB port to power up the device now, the adapter itself is detachable too. Teewe 2 has a premium Wi-Fi Chip, with an internal antenna, this enables uninterrupted streaming for hours, and this would lead to continuous flow of content on your TV, as the device will accommodate your local Wi-Fi fluctuations. HD videos are now going to be a possibility with the improved Quad Core GPU for enhanced performance! This new device will come with a premium content catalogue from Eros Now. Over 100,000 hours of entertainment will be available with a variety of Bollywood movies, music and television shows, increasing choices for the consumers, and making the product more versatile for all users at home.

Teewe – India’s Favorite Streaming Media Player

What is amazing is the company is sticking to its original aim of making their product and service affordable by sticking to a retail price point of Rs.2399! You can purchase it on the website or on Flipkart or too for the same price. This price point is the main edge Teewe has over Chromecast, the latter is available in India for Rs.2999. Mango Man or Google now that is the question!

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Teewe vs Chromecast - Streaming Media Players
Teewe vs Chromecast – Streaming Media Players

There is something to understand always that Indian understand not just the needs but also the mentality of Indian consumers the best. The Chromecast is not as versatile and practical, in many areas. There are several supporting apps that need to be downloaded to enjoy the services of Chromecast, whereas Teewe doesn’t have that issue, one of the major advantages of Teewe over Chromecast is that; it provides a desktop App, whereas Chromecast doesn’t. You have to go the long route with the latter and download the Chromecast supported third part App. Teewe also has the full desktop mirroring feature that Chromecast does not. The positives of Teewe are no secret, Indian bloggers and tech experts are pretty amazed by the product, not only does it substitute the Chromecast it provides much more.

Teewe - Full HD Wireless Streaming Device

Rs 2,399

Design of the product




Apps are User Friendly


Full HD Wireless Streaming


Supports All Devices



  • Easy to Setup or Configure
  • Apps are very User Friendly
  • Apps are available across various platforms
  • Multi device playing is awesome
  • Browsing Internet on TV


  • Device is little huge - Unable to connect USB wire between ports
  • WiFi connectivity issues when signal is little week
  • Device is heating - not sure about the impact of it
  • Sometimes Mobile App response is slow

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