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Here’s a fact we can’t ignore, we’re addicted to our bloggers. If you’re not a blogger, you’ve at-least thought of it once in your little tech driven life. You refresh pages, ‘like’ your favorite bloggers and comment like a crazy little school girl. And as we struggle to make ends meet in our financially sunken lives, blogging can be the Holy Grail for richness.

An intelligent mind and creative skills can make you a rich blogger!
An intelligent mind and creative skills can make you a rich blogger!

There are bloggers in a variety of genres now, fashion, technology, science, psychology, parenting, homeschooling, religion etc. Breaking down the origination of blogs, their aim was focused on sharing views and opinions on the World Wide Web through entries known as posts which would be displayed in a chronological order. The ease at which one can operate and post on blogs now is incredible, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out simple tools and techniques. In other words blogging is super user friendly.

That entire introduction made, the crux of this post is not how to blog, rather how to get rich blogging. Firstly, the most important thing is people should want to read your posts, they should long for an update, and follow you like a soldier on a mission. You will know if you’re a good blogger soon enough after a month or so of regular postings and spread of word. The world of Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter will make sure you are known to all who are interested in the subject of your blog, the news spreads faster than fire here!

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Making Money From Blogging:

The money comes from ads!, that is the truth behind all blogging bonanza, you make money to the ad provider, you make you rich. As simple as that, many bloggers accidentally ended up becoming super rich, but if you’re one who is intentionally getting into it for the money, you will have to take some calculated efforts into doing so. Your readers over time will realize that you’re using their sentiments for money making, but that’s just the part and parcel of the game. This  will be the case in Consumer-generated advertising. When reviewing products you will eventually start receiving them for free by the companies so as to do promo for them, this is an ethical crossroad for the blogger, you can chose to please the company or be true to your readers and provide an unbiased opinion.

Ads can be generated through Google Adsense, but that is not the only method. This is as simple as it can get, the ad provider will post ads that are in-sync with the content of the blog. Other form of earning is affiliate marketing, by postings links to other web pages you will get paid by the number of clicks to direct to the company’s website. The last effort is of direct advertising, for which you really have to sell your blogs niche; you have to be able to convince the company that your blog will be an asset for them in terms of advertising.

While this is an area of vast experience, there are many people who will share their success stories online, this is a risk-free venture you can take up in the comfort of your home.

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