Can one trip of the Civil Aviation Minister make a difference to Air India?

There are many things in the news paper for us to read. We read a few of them and miss some others. This article is for those of you who have given a miss to the piece of news that talks about Civil Aviation Minister Ajith Sigh’s trip to the US. Why does Mr Singh want to go to the US? Why has he requested the media to accompany him on his trip? You will find answers to these questions in this article. This trip is basically being undertaken by Mr Singh for the delivery of Air India’s new range of jets Boeing 787.

Civil Aviation Minister makes a trip to the US to cover for the losses!
Civil Aviation Minister makes a trip to the US to cover for the losses!

Recently on Thursday the Media Organization received an e-mail requesting them to accompany them on this trip. It was also assured that the expenses of their stay, travel and food will be taken care of.

But why this sudden decision? The answer is the direct reaction to the ten day strike in Air India that caused a loss of an unimaginable 150 crores! This was after Air India’s official figure in the share market dropped down to 17.6 percent. The government is probably hoping that this trip will lift Air India from its miseries. Can one trip really cover up for 150 crores? What is your opinion?

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Source: Lavish freeloading trip for minister and retinue, as Indian aviation bleeds

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