Cannes Shopping Festival 2012 – A Star Studded Event!

The Cannes Shopping Festival 2012 was attended by immensely talented and gorgeous people. French designer Christophe Guillarme grabbed all the attention on this occasion. The reason behind his popularity at the event was his latest design which received the applause of everyone present there. Christophe was not alone on his important day. His friends and family wasted no time in accompanying him to support and cheer him.

Cannes Shopping Festival 2012 - A Star Studded Event!
Cannes Shopping Festival 2012 - A Star Studded Event!

This is not it people! The affair was a star studded one. To start with there was popular actress Natacha Amal who looked stunning in her oriental inspired by beaded camel tunic dress. The popular names apart from her were Salome Stevenin, Madame Solario and Cyril Descourse who gave an exceptional performance to entertain the crowd.

Among others was popular singer Mellisa Mars who looked very attractive in draped silk mini bustier dress. All were gathered there take a look at Twizy – the hundred percent electric car designed by Christophe Guillarme himself. The car was either a turk blue python or a Riviera glam rock. The celebration came to an end after a gala dinner at Sparkling Lounge Restaurant.

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