Celebrity Engagements and What You Can Learn from Them

What You Can Learn from Celebrity Engagements

Weddings are big business, both emotionally and financially, and our favorite celebrities really know how to ice the cake. Starting with the proposal, celebrity weddings pack in glamor, glitz and fanfare like no one else. The fun begins with the engagement ring as celebrities wow us with their pocketbooks.

According to financesonline.com, one of the most expensive wedding rings to date was given by Prince Charles to the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. The 18-carat diamond, was acquired at a quite a princely price: approximately $137,000. If the cost and beauty of this ring aren’t impressive enough, consider Richard Burton’s diamond ring he gave to Elizabeth Taylor on which he spent almost $9 million. Of course, as ordinary citizens, our bank accounts might be a bit smaller, but we can learn the art of finesse and putting on a good show from some of our favorite celebs. Read on for the do’s and don’ts of a perfect engagement.

Photo by Robbie Dale via Wikimedia Commons

Go Big with the Proposal

It’s the manner in which you present this ring that is important, not how much it costs. In this regard, go big or go home. You can take some pointers from Kanye West and his legendary proposal to Kim Kardashian, aired on ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians.’ As RollingStone.com reports, the proposal was a major event, making use of the Chicago Symphony, San Francisco’s AT&T Park and a massive jumbotron message, popping the question, or rather begging the question, “Please marry me.” With a setup a like that, who would say no? You can take the best parts of this proposal to heart: recognize what your partner wants, put yourself out there shamelessly and have fun with it. No one can resist authentic gestures.

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Don’t Stop Short after the Proposal

Your engagement is your first official chance to show off your relationship in public and celebrate your future. At the heart of the matter is how you choose to show you care. Whether it’s through roses, poetry or breakfast in bed, keep the flame burning brightly by throwing in surprising touches post proposal. People.com reports that Kanye West didn’t just pull out all the stops with his engagement, but on Valentine’s Day, he treated Kim to 1,000 roses, which she proudly displayed on Instagram. There is not a single person out there who doesn’t appreciate such a compassionate act. Follow in Kanye’s footsteps by ordering from a variety of romantic goods, including chocolates, gift baskets, flowers or jewelry, all available online from retailers like ftd.com, and watch the sparks continue to fly.

It’s About the Personal Touch

Beginning with your proposal, you set the stage for your engagement and wedding. Starting off strong is key, and going over the top can pay off. However, sometimes you can go over the top and right back down if your proposal comes off as hokey, like that of Jeff Miranda to Snooki in 2010. Jeff Miranda attempted a bold move by appearing shirtless on the cover of Steppin’ Out magazine popping the question, however, he was rejected via Twitter, by a less than impressed Snooki. As can be understood from these exchanges, the love was just not there. Remember, be honest, authentic, and vulnerable so that your engagement can get off to a soaring start.

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Photo by Aaron via WIkimedia Commons

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