Disney says welcome back Mickey Mouse with apps and videos!

I have always written about important, serious things for the boring adults. Today my words will entertain and give happiness to the kids! So kids, gear up to read some interesting things about your favorite – the Mickey Mouse! Now let’s take you through the history of your favorite entertainer.

Mickey Mouse, Disney - iOS App
Mickey Mouse, Disney – iOS App

Do you know when Mickey came to meet us? He came in the year 1928 with the cartoon short “Steamboat Willie” – and now he’s starring in an all new short-form series of 19 comedy cartoons. That’s a long time, isn’t it? When he came with the Mickey Mouse short streams we all loved him. Now after a brief interval Disney has now come up with not only some entertaining videos but also some amazing apps!

I’m sure you are excited to know more about it. So here you go! Each “Mickey Mouse” short streams on the new Mickey & Friends website, which is the digital home of Mickey Mouse and a comprehensive gateway to all Mickey games, videos and content on Disney.com. Upon debut, the shorts will also be immediately available in the new Mickey Video app. The good news is that the first four episodes of this amazing show are already available live now. These episodes include “Croissant de Triomphe” set in Paris and “No Service” set in Santa Monica. This is not the limit! You could watch more of this at Mickey Video App

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Visit the official Mickey & Friends portal on Disney.com at: Mickey.Disney.com. also get a peak into behind the scenes of the show at “Making a New Generation of Mickey Mouse Cartoons”. So you take a look at it while I say good bye for now!

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