Double Click to explore and earn Money with Quiqee

Here is an another opportunity for the site or blog owners to boost Revenue and Traffic. Quiqee instantly adds cool and slick features to your website in just 30 seconds. Quiqee adds mouse “Double Click” feature to your website, once you double click on any text or word in your website it will open a context menu which gives you an opportunity to know more about the particular text or word.

Quiqee - Add Double Click to your site + Add Features + Make More Money + More Traffic
Quiqee - Add Double Click to your site + Add Features + Make More Money + More Traffic

The Quiqee double click context menu contains Dictionary, The Site, Web Search, News, Images, Videos, Twitter, Wikipedia, and finally Share This bookmarking feature to spread the info about a particular word. This is an easiest way to find related articles, news, images, videos, wikipedia info etc.

And in addition to the above advantages you will have an opportunity to earn more traffic and earn more money via Google Adsense. Among all its free, easy to install, zero maintenance, indexes all pages in your site in the web river. Quiqee is really a cool and slick tool to consider for the blogs, news, gossip/movies, forums and good for more of content oriented web sites.

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I would recommend you to check their demo before you give it a try.

If you are using this Quiqee slick tool it in your website, just let us know your experience on it.

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