Earn money with Branchr – Pay Per Click Advertising

There are many bloggers and site owners who always looks for various kind and the best ways to earn more money from advertising and publishing services either from their blog or site. This will be a good news for them, here is the new Advertising and Publishing services called Branchr.

Earn more money with Branchr - Pay Per Click Advertising
Earn more money with Branchr - Pay Per Click Advertising

Branchr a simple text and image based Pay-Per-Click advertising service, which is already serving over 250 million ads a month on over more than 11,000 websites. But yeh its worth trying their advertising service and I am sure you will be happy with the results.

By using Branchr, advertisers can promote your own products and services to millions of potential customers. You can target your ads by keyword and geographic location with concise ad statistics about ad impressions, clicks, geographical information, and much more.

If you are a website owner, Branchr publishers can generate more revenue for your from the quality ads they serve and get paid for every click. Which even works with other ad programs and networks, so you’re not tied down. For now they support text and image ads (no video ads) in most IAB standard sizes.

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Hope this will make your day 🙂 – Good Luck folks…..

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