Eat Out of Your Own Palm. How Eating Out has Changed Over the Years

By the time 2015 is over, 82 percent of all restaurants will be integrating social media activity with their loyalty programs. It’s not surprising since 180 million social media users are in the U.S. today. The rule of no smartphones at the dinner table is no more.

On average, consumers with reliable network access spend 3.3 hours per day interacting with their smartphones. The latest high-end devices like the Galaxy S6 edge and iPhone 6 have made it easy to incorporate and simplify most everyday activities, including dining, with the touch of a screen.

Today, 34 million diners use the free app NoshList to check wait times at local dining areas, and three out of 10 will use dedicated apps on their devices to pay their bills. With programs like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and the recently revealed mobile payments framework Android Pay, paying for meals is becoming easier and safer than using a credit card. The security encryption used in the programs makes it more difficult for someone to get access to your credit card numbers, making it less likely to have your card number stolen.

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Every week, Starbucks reports that about five million transactions are made in their stores by mobile phone apps. By 2019, it is expected that 142 billion payments will be made via smartphones and other mobile devices. With 74 percent of consumers aged 18 to 34 stating they would use a dedicated app for takeout or delivery if the service were available, it only makes sense these numbers are growing so rapidly. To learn more about the effect smartphones are having on our dining habits, check out this infographic.

Mobile Social Revolution: Dining With Mobile Devices
Mobile Social Revolution: Dining With Mobile Devices

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