Best Practices of Email Marketing

When it comes to email marketing, the best practices begin with learning and understanding the basic etiquette’s of email, before even drafting, designing or sending out an email campaign. Below are some of the basic tips known to be practised by the best email marketing campaigns, on regular basis.

Fixing Delivery issues

In an email marketing campaign, it is absolutely essential to deliver the promotional emails to the user’s inbox. What’s the point of sending an email if the user doesn’t see it in his inbox to open and view it, otherwise? Hence, its important to solve the delivery issues, including emails reaching spam folders, users complaining about unwanted emails, emails sent to spam traps, etc.

Testing Email Content

Testing the email content before sending out promotional emails to the clients is equally essential. Running the content for a spell check, incorrect or incomplete information, broken links, image resolution, etc., can help you avoid errors. Practising sending out test emails to check how the email appears to the customers can help you ensure that all the information and links given are correct and working.

Avoiding Spammer Content

The idea behind reaching out to customers using email marketing platform is to create brand awareness, build trust, provide business, product or service information, gain loyal customers, etc. Hence, its best to practice sending genuine emails containing relevant information, free from spammer content. Some of the known words that contribute to spam include free, deal, urgent, win/won, etc. Therefore, avoid the spammer words or phases at all cost.

Avoiding Phishing Links

Emails with Phishing links, like spam emails, are unwanted and trick people into believing false information. Such links are used by cheaters to get traffic to their website with every click or to get access to user’s personal information, including passwords deceivingly. Hence, it’s best to avoid such links.

Sending Multipart Messages

As emails use HTML for content structure and rejects other languages, like JavaScript and CSS, when an email is drafted to be sent, it is necessary that both text version and HTML version are prepared and sent simultaneously. It is important for the spam filters to receive the multi-part messages containing both HTML & text email drafts. Certain email marketing software automatically generates text content for you, hence; find the one that best suit your needs and practice using it.

Proof Reading

Proofreading seems to be a dead art on the internet and even established online publications and email marketing campaigns are littered with typos and grammatical errors.

Want to turn off your potential customers? write poorly and don’t proofread.

On the other hand, if you want to command the respect of your audience you need to have a good grasp of the English language.

Just because your email isn’t going to be publicly available on the internet for all to see, you should still make sure to proofread your content thoroughly.

Us humans have a habit of jumping over words and missing mistakes when reading back our own content, consider getting a fresh set of eyes to take a look for you.

Power tip – Use the Grammarly Chrome extension to automatically scan for contextual mistakes and incorrect grammar. The free version will suffice and you might, but typos do you a massive disservice.

By David Alexander from Mazepress

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