Get Ready To Meet ‘THE DICTATOR’ This Summer!

As the release date of the film “The Dictator” is coming closer the film’s cast is leaving no stone unturned to promote the movie whenever and wherever possible. Recently the main lead in the film, actor Sacha Boron Cohenwas dressed as his character when he arrived at the Sidney International Airport. The press was puzzled when he demanded to see Slippery Pete. After playing a prank this way he revealed that he had come to see the Prime Minister. He had come with a whole lot of female security guards that made the scene look more realistic. When the actor was questioned about his favorite political leader, Mel Gibson came the reply immediately.

Watch 'The Dictator' on 16th May 2012
Watch 'The Dictator' on 16th May 2012

Now lets talk a little about this much hyped film. The story revolves around a dictator [as the name suggests] who is trying very hard to prevent Democracy from entering the country and to keep the tradition of dictatorship alive. Sources say that it’s a film based on a book written by Saddam Hussain titled Sabibah and The King. All this will be depicted with a touch of humor to it. Needless to say that the film belongs to comedy genre. The film has Sacha Boron Cohen as mentioned earlier, along with Ben Kingsley. It is written by Cohen himself teamed up with Alec Berge, Jeff Schaffer and David Mandel. It is directed by Larry Charles and is all set for a release on 16th May this year. Lets see what’s the destiny of “The Dictator”.

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The Dictator Movie 2012 – Official Trailer:

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