Google Earth 7.1 for Android

Obsessed with Google Earth? The new Google Earth 7.1 version is now available for Android phones & tablets and is more than one could’ve imagined.

Google Earth 7.1 for Android Tablets and Smartphones
Google Earth 7.1 for Android Tablets and Smartphones

The Google Earth 7.1 has been made available today the 9th of May, and introduces Street View which will let users take Pegman from space to their neighborhood with the power of a simple double tap. Drag and drop the Pegman into the street and you’ll be greeted by familiar Street View interface. Searching has also been enhanced for the user with updated location suggestions and improved directions. These also display routes for transit, walking, biking and driving (in 3D).

With just a flick of your finger, you will be able to get detailed search results. The new search suggestions make it super easy to search what you’re looking for. The new interface has also been streamlined. A quick click of the Earth logo in top left lets you browse and enable Google Earth layers like Panoramio Photos, 3D buildings and Wikipedia.

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So all you androidians obsessed with Google Earth can download Google Earth 7.1 now from the Google Play Store.

Information source: Engadget

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