GTA: Vice City Coming to Android and iOS systems!

Grand Theft Auto is the ultimate gaming series created by Rockstar for the lovers of crime games. It has also been critically acclaimed for its authenticity.

In the end of last year the company made available GTA III for Android and iOS users and now they will be able to download Grand Theft Auto: Vice City too. This is being done following the trend of their predecessor, by releasing the game for Android and iOS operating systems on the 10th anniversary of the game.

10th anniversary celebrations of GTA: Vice City with Android and iOS users
10th anniversary celebrations of GTA: Vice City with Android and iOS users

This game will be everything the fans will expect and more; it has been quoted by the Rockstar Games to be having “native high-resolution graphics and several enhancements,”

GTA fan alert: Vice City comes to Android and iOS phones:

The release date for the game has not yet been announced, the company is keeping all information on the low for now and has only hinted that by end of 2012 it will be available. The cost of download will be a mere US  $5. Too less a price to pay for this addictive game. While the fans are thrilled, Rockstar Games hit their blog and ask all fans to “stay tuned for more details in the weeks ahead.”

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Well, they definitely are going to be. Not to be greedy but if the gaming company is going to follow suit with the release of the next installment; GTA: San Andreas, the games anniversary should be in 2014. Keeping Fingers crossed for the trilogy and trying to contain excitement.

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