Handsfree playback with LG Optimus G Pro

The eyes are going to control the video world with the recent announcement by the Korean consumer electronics giant LG that its flagship Optimus G Pro Android smartphone will be the first to receive video playback control via eye-tracking technology. Excitement never dies at LG!

LG Optimus G Pro Specifications
LG Optimus G Pro Specifications

The phone has great specs and now with the introduction of the new Smart View feature, users will no longer need to control playback by touching the screen. It works in a very simple fashion, the phones front camera and advanced eye recognition technology track the position of the viewer’s eye; when the viewer is no longer paying attention to the video it automatically pauses. Once the user returns its gaze to the screen the playback is resumed!

This Smart View  feature is being introduced by the company only next month as part of a Value Pack user experience (UX). The upgrade is going to be first introduced in Korea. LG never stops at anything there are other Value Pack features also available like the extension of the G Pro’s Dual Recording (video) feature named Dual Camera, which simultaneously captures photographs front (2.1 MP) and back (13 MP) for picture-in-picture composition. News is that there will also be new Magic Remote Pad and Text Keypad options for the QRemote feature that turns the smartphone into a remote control for LG’s Smart TVs, color emoticons for a more personalized text message experience and enhanced Smart LED lighting home button outlining to allow for color customization.

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Optimus G Pro_UX 영상_VR 파노라마/트래킹 포커스 편

LG has totally got customization in its stride, a definite customer satisfaction. The technological up-gradation of the hands-free video play back is a totally great feature no doubt. Pausing each time can be a fuss especially with touch  screen displays. We’ll just have to wait for it to reach consumers everywhere else in the world.

LG Optimus G Pro Review | Engadget

Information source: Gizmag

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