Have Pizza Compass assist you in your hunger!

Who doesn’t like the good old Pizza, yummy for your tummy for sure!. But when it’s late at night and you’re hungry, or your little baby in the tummy ignites a craving, or when you’re simple new in town, where do you find the nearest Pizza place? Well now there’s an iPhone app for that! Pizza Compass.

Pizza Compass. No frills, just pizza
Pizza Compass. No frills, just pizza

The name suggests it all, no surprises left, an app that directs you to a Pizza joint. The website claims that; ‘This is the most important app ever made. Ever.’ Well if you love Pizzas and food then it definitely is. The amazing app isn’t free it’s worth $0.99 which you round a $1 mark. Definitely a life saver for those hungry days.

Pizza Compass App Finds a Slice Wherever You Are

Moving on to how this iPhone app operates, well the “compass” arrow is basically a slice of pizza, and it points to ward the direction of the nearest Pizza place. From Foursquare, the app uses information and in some cases also lets the user know if the place is open or not. And the innovativeness on the slice arrow is incredibly creative, as the user gets closer to the destination the pizza pointer starts to look steamy! Dan Blackman, the independent Brooklyn designer who invented the app said that a total $1,000 went into the production of the app, and he was proud to also add that; “We got that back the first day, so we’re happy,”

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So here’s a good guy trying to save every pizza hungry soul. Do you love this app already?

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