Have you tasted Domino’s Twisted Dough Balls yet?

How many of you have a taste for the yummy Domino’s pizza? I’m sure it’s a favorite of all those reading the article right now! Well people, this amazing pizza spot has a surprise in store for you. Domino’s presents to you its latest creation that is called the Twisted Dough Balls.

Introducing Twisted Dough Balls from Domino's Pizza
Introducing Twisted Dough Balls from Domino’s Pizza

These allow you to experience the joy of mouth watering cheese, fresh dough and a dash of garlic oil. Domino’s also provides you with a choice of toppings. It is a tough choice to make between pepperoni, cheese or ham and herb. Isn’t that enough to make you rush to the nearest Domino’s branch? Before you can do that let me tell you that you don’t have to step out! Twisted Dough Balls will arrive at your door step with a click. How is that possible?

Domino’s has come up with a pre-launch to test how successful their dish is likely to be. They created a Facebook page for their new dish from where you can place an order by clicking on the “order” button. Isn’t that the simplest way to get the tastiest food? All you have to do is visit Dominos.co.uk and grab your Twisted Dough Balls. The tempting dish will be out on general sale from the 28th of this month but I don’t think any of us can wait till then! So have tasted the Twisted Dough Balls yet?

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