HP All in one Slate 21 AIO, 21.5-inch android Tablet

HP announced a 21.5-inch, Android-powered tablet that’s expressly designed as a desktop unit in a recent event at Beijing. The tablet is being called the HP Slate AIO.

HP Slate 21 All In One
HP Slate 21 All In One – Laptop, Tablet, PC and more…..

The concept of the product comes from meeting between a desktop and a tablet. This tablet is an all-in-one in that it’s strategically designed as a desktop unit, making life more practical. HP Slate 21 AIO comes with a Full-HD touchscreen and Tegra 4 internals, running on Android 4.2.2. HP has kept in mind practicality for this particular product, a handy rear kickstand comes with the Tablet that lets you stand it upright or at roughly a 30 degree angle.

Pricing and availability are still a hush, the company is definitely looking to create more buzz before the reveal of the numbers and dates. HP Slate 21 AIO is a product designed keeping in mind the growing market for tablets and portable technology. No matter what in the end of the day everything has to be synced with your big gizmo, the PC, and this seems to be a great mid-point between the tablet and the PC.

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It’s not even been 24 hours since the announcement but after the revelation of more product specs and pricing, there can be a reliable verdict on the new 21.5 inch Tablet by HP. Keeping in mind the quality that the company brings to its consumers we’re sure in for a pleasant surprise.

Source: HP.com

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