iConvert Scanner for iPad

Brookstone makes scanning easy and simple by their iConvert Scanner for iPad Tablets. This product is designed to make sure you are able to scan your documents for cheap, and in a simple portable and easy manner.

iConvert Scanner for your iPad Tablet
iConvert Scanner for your iPad Tablet

There are few portable scanners available in the market, but what sets the Brookstone iConvert apart is that it works with the iPad, while the others are designed to be used with laptops. This scanner is an on-the-go aid for scanning important documents, up to A4 size. The scanner works in a very simple fashion, once the tablet is mounted the scanner, the user will just have to insert the document/photo that has to be scanned into the scanner and it rolls into the machine and comes out the back, while the image is clearly displayed on the iPad. It’s definitely no rocket science.

iConvert Scanner Demonstration:

However, there are a few issues you may come across:

  1. It is only Apple compatible
  2. The scanner dock doesn’t charge the tablet
  3. The feeders are unable to grab and pull the document evenly, leading to slanted scanned images
  4. Does not include PDF save option.
  5. Slow in speed
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The iConvert scanner is available for around $150, and there are discounts on certain websites that you could probably avail. The only point to consider is how much do you find the need to scan documents and what quality are you expecting from the product.

You can buy this product from Amazon at:

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