It’s time to Dump The Big Six – Ecotricity’s New Mantra

Looks like global awareness regarding environmental problems and their adverse effects is growing among people. The first country to initiate a change in this aspect is the United Kingdom. The government of UK has set up a unique company called Ecotrocity which makes use of money spent on the bills paid by people in Eco friendly activities.

Ecotricity - Dump The Big Six
Ecotricity - Dump The Big Six

They are trying to spread this message through all possible media including social networking sites like Facebook and YouTube. In fact it is very fascinating to see this being demonstrated in a cute way. If you open their official page on YouTube or Facebook you will see personified cooling towers collapsing. Hope this inspires the other countries too and soon we have an Eco friendly world.

Collapsing Cooling Towers:

The Big Six (British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON, Npower, Scottish & Southern, Scottish Power) have long enjoyed a carbon-fuelled chokehold the UK’s energy, supplying 99% of customers. But is their grip crumbling?

Ecotricity founder Dale Vince OBE, the man credited with kick-starting the world’s green electricity market, believes now is the moment to topple the grey giants and bring the UK into the renewable energy future.

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