Kim K and Kanye West ditch the ‘K’ names

Well, the biggest bomb after the early delivery of Kim K was that the couple didn’t name their baby with the expected ‘K’. Instead they skipped two letters and went for N and named their daughter North West. When will we be enlightened about the wisdom behind that?

Kim and Kanye Name Daughter NORTH WEST!
Kim and Kanye Name Daughter NORTH WEST!

The delivery of North West who would be called ‘Nori’ is overshadowing the still pregnant Duchess of Cambridge. The question is will we see the addition to the Kardashian clan on the reality show?. Will the birth of Nori give the show a few more season on air?. Well, let’s face it in the world of entertainment everything is a business, and needs to be weighed in green.

Meanwhile, Kimye seem to be settling well into their parenting roles, according to the recent report from E! who has been following every style move of Kim since her pregnancy. “They are splitting duties,” a family source tells E!. “Kanye is so hands on. He’s changing diapers.” Apparently Kims parenting skills have surprised her own sister Kourtney mother of two children. All of Kims fears have gone, and she seems to be getting a good grip on the reality of parenthood.

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Kim and Kanye Name Daughter NORTH WEST!

Hoping for an episode on the new baby in this season, fans are over joyed with another girl in the family. And am even more exciting time for the fans will be when Kanye will put a ring on it, and Kim will have her third wedding.

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