Make any web page print friendly

PrintFriendly cleans and formats web pages for perfect print experience. PrintFriendly removes Ads, Navigation and web page junk, so you save paper and ink when you print. It’s free and easy to use. Perfect to use at home, the office, or whenever you need to print a web page.


Print Preview: Optimizes and displays content for print.
Edit Before Printing: Remove images, text, and print only what you want.
Print or Save as PDF: Print now, or save for later as a PDF.

How to Use

New Users Copy and Paste a URL at
Regular Users: Add to your browser for 1 click print friendly pages.
Developers and Bloggers Add the print friendly button to your website or blog.

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One thought on “Make any web page print friendly”

  1. Hi,
    In light of this great post, I thought you’d also like to check out Memonic’s web clipper. Just drag and drop the bookmarklet on, and try the clipper out. Among its functions is “read later” -which will “wash” any web content and make it read friendly, save friendly and printing friendly. And check out what happens when you click to “print” any saved content. If it is one item – it will print clean – with no extra noise and excess paper. If it’s a whole group of saved content – it will even add a table of contents for you.
    Thanks for the great content, and hope you like our site, too!

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