Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen celebrate 27th birthday!

Hollywoods very own twin sisters, celebrate their 27th birthday on the 13th. The fashion forward actresses are known for their quirky style, and have always made it a point to dress differently. However, on their 27th birthday they were spotted sporting similar looks!

Olsen Twins - Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
Olsen Twins – Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

They were the paparazzi favorite on their special day, the Olsen twins were spotted clad in black outfits, leaving their New York, hotel this morning. They wore matching sandals too, for some reason the sandals have made quite a buss, because of their sporty, and comfy look, they are what one could describe as ‘sporty sandals’. The twins did not enjoy the paparazzi attention, Ashley Olsen shielded her face from the photographers on her way to the car. She wore a pair of well fitted black skinny jeans and a black leather motorcycle jacked, while her sister Mary-Kate Olsen wore a black trench coat and styled her hair in a high topknot.

Happy 27th Birthday Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen

The Olsen twins have come a long way in the limelight, and on their 27th birthday they look all grown up and mature. They will continue to be the fashion role models for many young girls, as they flourish in the field of fashion and movies. Fans have taken to YouTube to make videos for their favorite twins as well. Lets wait and watch what the new year unfolds for the Olsen twins in the entertainment world.

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