Microsoft Surface Tablet is really solid

Touch screen phones, and tablets. They are the most delicate gizmos we carry around these days. If the screen is budged even the slightest bit we’re doomed, plus the fact that we can’t survive without our everyday gadgets adds to the misery.

Microsoft Surface Windows Tablet
Microsoft Surface Windows Tablet

Here’s something the head of Microsoft’s Windows division, Steven Sinofsky did, he turned the Windows Surface tablet into a skateboard. Yes, you read right, a skateboard.

Without a doubt, this precarious experiment proves how strong the magnesium frame is. A definite buy for those who are clumsy, and desperately need a tablet that can survive falls and rough handling.

The Making Of Windows Surface Tablet:

There is surely no other tablet that can undergo this type of strain and not break to pieces. Could you dare to undertake a task like this?

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Image Courtesy: Surface Tablet turned into a Skateboard

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