New Wacom Crayon like stylus!

Your regular stylus is put to shame by the new Wacom Bamboo Stylus mini that looks like a tiny cute crayon. Wa com has always provided users with fashionable stylus when their regular phone does not come with one. And this new design is great quality and especially made for mini tablets and smart phones.

Wacom released Crayon-Esque Bamboo Stylus mini for Tablets and Smartphones
Wacom released Crayon-Esque Bamboo Stylus mini for Tablets and Smartphones

The fun stylus is available in six colors, with a high grade soft-touch and feel, the pen length of a mere 4.7 centimeters (1.85 inches) which makes it look rather like a kids crayon than a proper full length pen, the nibs are also replaceable at the Wacom eStore with firm or soft touch options as per the users requirements. The product has a outer shell that is brass plated, which gives it a good quality feel.

Apart from the great look that this product hols, the company has been sound enough to make sure that the tiny little important gizmo doesn’t get lost. They have added a strap and dummy plug, so that it can be plugged into the device’s headphone jack, and doesn’t get lost. Brainy! This useful product is going to be available at the Wacoms eStore and some other retailers from April 2nd for $19.

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Information Source: Grizzledgamer

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