Nike Wins the Brand battle on Facebook and Twitter!

The social media has given a new way to the brands to compete! Its not only the preference of the customers but its also the number of fans on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. This has been enhanced by the Olympic Games which required sponsors from the leading brands of the world like Nike, Adidas and others. In such a situation it would be impossible to declare a winner.

Nike emerges victorious in the Brand battle on Facebook and Twitter!
Nike emerges victorious in the Brand battle on Facebook and Twitter!

But to solve this problem some very smart people have come up with Socialbakers launched in March 2010 to help evaluate such results of competing brands. This unique site allows brands to measure and compare their progress with time. has been the most visited site for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn statistics.

With the beginning of this year’s Olympic Games in London the brands got an opportunity to trace their status among people through Socialbakers. In fact it is through this that Nike realized that it is topping the list with 166,718 fans on Facebook while Adidas lagged behind with only 80,761 fans. While this was the case on Facebook, Twitter too had similar stories to tell. Nike had as many as 16,020 tweets related to the Olympic Games against 9,295 Olympic related tweets of Adidas. Talking about other brands Mars was better than Cadbury in the twitter field. While Mars boasted off over 29,740 Olympic-themed tweets, Cadbury had only 2,232 of them. Although the Olympic Games have ended with a grand closing ceremony the war for the top position still continues among these brands. For now, lets conclude this article by congratulating Nike for achieving the top position!

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